Thursday, November 10, 2011

A shocking case of amnesia (or how I forgot to award prizes)

I’m a blog-offender of terrifying proportions. I had a contest with spanky prizes, and wouldn’t you know, I forgot to give them away. I’m bad. I know.

Anyway,, told me that Jeff was the winner! Jeff, sounds like you may have scored some holiday gifts for the women in your life! I will email you at the yahoo address on your blogger profile for your address.

So, NaNoWriMo is my boyfriend this month. I’m woefully behind, having just come off a string of back to back twelve hour shifts (and, I won’t lie, a mini-break to Asheville, NC). By my estimation, I have five days to make up eighteen thousand words. Yes, I know. *Sigh*

Please send jiggity-finger vibes to me during the next five days, to make my fingers dance across the keyboard. I shall blog again on the 15th (the halfway mark) and tell you if it worked. Meanwhile, my NaNo seems to be dialogue-heavy, with few discernibly different characters. I guess I’ll have to fix that in December. Man, but it’s hard not to revise as I go.

So who else is NaNo-ing this month, and how are you doing?


Chick Author said...

Hey, soul sistah... you KNOW I'm NaNo-ing right along with you!

lizwhelan said...

Slightly late but...GOOD LUCK!!!

Also it is past the 15th. ;)