Monday, August 16, 2010

Missing my blog...

Well, what a month. Apologies for being somewhat sporadic (I can’t use that word without thinking of Brittany Murphy in ‘Clueless’) in my postings but I’ve been travelling and stuff.

I zipped over to the homeland to surprise my mother on her 80th birthday. I was taking over cake, and champagne, and a new husband that she had never met before. I asked my brother if I needed to take anything else and he replied thoughtfully, “a cardiologist?” Luckily one wasn’t needed.

After a quick side trip to Portugal, we flew back into NC and tried to ignore the jetlag and get back to our lives.

For me that meant writing and attending WriteOnCon. Wow. If you didn’t attend – all the vlogs and presentations are still there… and it’s FREE J. It was fantastic.

I’m back to the grind – churning out a scene or so a day. After trying to write in a linear way – I found that for me (I have a limited attention span) it was easier to make a list of all the scenes I needed to write and then just pick and choose. It’s been working so far – but I’m interested in your method too. Do you write from the beginning through to the end of your WIP, or do you dive in and out of scenes like I’m doing right now? What works for you?


Melissa said...

Glad your visit went well and WriteOnCon was beyond anything I could've imagined. It was amazing.

Umm, well I write random dialogue from various scenes all over my book as they come to me but at the same time I only REALLY write from start to finish. SO I guess I have a mixture of both.

Jeff King said...

I write from the beginning to the end… no outlining or perceived ideas.

For me it works, because the story comes to me as I write. It builds upon itself in a way I can predict, I don’t even know who the characters will be or how many there are.

So I say, each to their own, do what works for you.

Glad your trip turned out well, I hope I make it to 80.

Suze said...

Melissa - thanks! Maybe you have the best of both worlds there. I suspect that when all my scenes are written I will have to go through and re-write start to finish. I sense there maybe problems with continuity if I don't!

Jeff - your method used to work for me when the story was still uber-fresh in my head... but I've played around with it so much (and a lot of time has lapsed too!), that I'm hoping dipping into scenes will help me get over my inertia. Well, here's hoping.

And I too, hope you make it to 80!

Katrina L. Lantz said...

What an interesting way to write (by scenes)! I must try that some time! I write straight through, mostly, going back to fluff it up with detail later. I do write to a rough outline, but after reading The Hunger Games, I'm wondering if I could make a more compelling, complex story if I focused more on my outline first... maybe writing by scenes is the way to go!

I like the casual chat feel of your blog. Thanks for sharing your process.

T. Romel Blossom said...

Hey Suze,

I couldn't agree with you more.

P.S. Thanks for following my blog.