Thursday, February 11, 2010

So... How did y'all do?

Well, my write your @ss off day was essentially a moveable feast. I started on Saturday – as planned – but there were these (caught me in my pajamas) unexpected guests. Then when I had every intention of starting again on Sunday, poker and this football game then took over – I got down to the last two (out of 22) in the poker game which mollified me a little.

So my absence from my blog has been my way of forcing myself to make up the time – and now I have. I did a full 8 hours over a four day period. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Thing is – I wrote so much that I found the key to my MC’s quirky character buried deep in my own weekend activities. So my extended day of writing gifted me with that – and now extensive re-writes. Yaaaay me.

So how did you do? I hope you found inspiration, words and many, many pages.

And how about Vonn? Do you think she’s really injured, or just psyching out the competition?

Have a great day everyone!

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