Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Pull of Finishing

I've been reading these excellent blogs about writing - agents, writers and editors - and I've realized why I'm so excited about finishing my book. I really want to meet these people. I want to hang out with them. I want to talk to them about awesome books I've read and I want to buy them a beer. I feel like the nerd at school, eyeing the cool kids thinking that if my hair was just a little longer/flippier/curlier, then I'd be in like Flynn with them.

No, I know... just don't disillusion me right now.

I had a good writing day yesterday - I managed to write during my lunch hour (unusual) and I was able to re-read and edit almost immediately. I wrote about 1200 words, and after editing was down to about 700 good words :)

I'm also working on my query letter (it gets amended everyday!) and my synopsis. I know that seems a little cart-y and horse-y, but I find that it focuses my mind on the bigger picture.

Does anyone else start with the pitch, then the synopsis, followed by the novel? No? Just me?

Oh crap.

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