Tuesday, January 26, 2010


And, so, for the kindness of strangers...

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement.

You're all quite correct. I shall persevere, and I hope everyone else who finds themselves in the middle of writing an over-worked sub genre does. My husband reminded me that my goal was just to get the book out of my head and on to paper - publishing, getting an agent and making mega-bucks (hrmph!) were never in the equation. I'm writing to feel the joy, and to see the black and white evidence of my imagination. So there!

I hope to bring news of new chapters soon. And as always, I'm having enormous fun reading your blogs - so thank you for that too.


DL Hammons said...


Daniel Dragomirescu said...

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Chasing the Moon said...

I have an award for you...:)

Guinevere said...

You know, market saturation for some book types or no, there's never REALLY any original ideas, just original tellings. So don't be sad. Your book still has great possibilities.